RenovoRx RenovoTAMP:
Trans-Arterial Micro-Perfusion Therapy Platform

RenovoTAMP® is an Innovative Therapy Platform Designed for Targeted Delivery of Approved Chemotherapeutic Agents to Tumors

The goals of the RenovoTAMP therapy platform are to improve the quality of life of patients fighting difficult-to-treat cancers by reducing the debilitating side effects typical of standard of care systemic chemotherapy while also extending the patient’s survival.

RenovoRx’s lead product candidate, RenovoGem™, is a combination of gemcitabine (an FDA-approved chemotherapy) and the company’s patented, delivery system. RenovoGem is regulated by the FDA as a novel oncology drug product.

RenovoTAMP is currently being investigated in the Phase III TIGeR-PaC clinical trial as a potential treatment option for patients living with unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC)

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Localized and Targeted Therapy

The therapeutic approach of RenovoTAMP is specifically designed for the localized and targeted delivery of chemotherapy via the peripheral vascular system. Our patented delivery system is inserted into an artery that runs adjacent to the tumor via a small incision made in the patient’s leg. The delivery system’s double balloon design enables the physician to isolate sections of the blood vessel through the adjustment of the distance between the balloons, thereby excluding any branching blood vessel in order to create the pressure head needed to push chemotherapy across the blood vessel wall and bathe the tumor in chemotherapy.

Standard of care for patients diagnosed with most forms of cancer is intravenous systemic chemotherapy, which typically has signi­ficant side effects and can be limited in its effectiveness based on cancer type. For example, liver cancer tumors are highly vascularized and typically have large tumor feeders or blood vessels connected to the tumor, making them ideal candidates for systemic chemotherapy because medicine is able to gain direct access to the tumor. In contrast, pancreatic cancer tumors lack visible tumor feeder blood vessels, which means the chemotherapy circulates through the body, without a signi­ficant amount of medicine reaching the tumor.

RenovoRx Catheter Illustration
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Targeted Delivery In Action

Based on the results of Phase I/II and observational registry studies, intra-arterial delivery of chemotherapy via RenovoTAMP, which targets delivery of treatment in proximity to the tumor and pancreatic tissue, reduced tolerability issues associated with systemic (intravenous) chemotherapy and demonstrated improved patient survival and reduced patient side effects.

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this system to sale by or on the order of a physician.

The RenovoRx delivery system (“RenovoCath”) is intended for the isolation of blood flow and delivery of fluids, including diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents, to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system. The RenovoRx delivery system is also indicated for temporary vessel occlusion in applications including arteriography, preoperative occlusion, and chemotherapeutic drug infusion. Prior to use, please refer to the RenovoRx IFU for complete product indications, warnings, precautions, contraindications, potential adverse effects and detailed instructions for use.