We offer a versatile catheter system for use with both standard and developing therapeutic agents.

Better Care

We are developing better solutions for targeted delivery of fluids to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system.

Endovascular Catheters

The RenovoCath™ Advantage

We offer a unique design specific for the visceral and peripheral vascular system: adaptable, easy to use, selective vessel engagement.


For Safe Delivery

The ability to deliver these materials at high concentration to specific vasculature, safely and without perfusion overlap to other regions, is a central paradigm of our technology.

Targeted Delivery

Reducing Side Effects

RenovoRx strives to reduce side effects of treatment based on better targeted delivery.

Support & Downloads

The RenovoCath™ Catheter includes the components shown in Figure 1. The device is a multi-lumen, dual-balloon catheter with a two-part handle that is designed for targeted delivery of fluids, including diagnostic and therapeutic agents, to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system. The inflation of the proximal occlusion balloon and of the distal occlusion balloon may isolate the selected site prior to the infusion of fluids into the same site.

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The RenovoCath™ RC120 Catheter is intended to be used with 6F guide sheaths and 7F guide catheters. The device is compatible with 0.014” guide wires for positioning the catheter in the desired region. The effective length is 76cm to 86cm (adjustable).

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